The principle of democracy which was first applied  itt tech student in Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC, which is in the city-state (polis) Athens during the reign of King Solon. Democracy is applied directly and are called direct democracy, where people come together and consulted in a meeting to take decisions together. Direct democracy can be implemented in Athens because of the relatively narrow territory and its population is not too much, so it is easy to collect.
Understanding human rights in general itt tech student is a fundamental right of a person from birth as a gift from God Almighty. Everyone has the right to run the life and what does not violate the norms dikendakinya during also the values ​​in society. These rights shall be respected, upheld and protected by the state, law and government as well as any people as human dignity are the same from one person to another is absolutely mandatory to be protected.
Many people who are fighting for human rights and ignore the personal rights of others and such things that make violations of human rights. Rights could not easily be carried out with absolute let alone having to sacrifice other people's rights. From the definition of human rights can be said to personal rights always bordering the rights of others, for that we need the understanding of a better life and a high sense of caring for both maintaining personal rights without having to ignore the rights of others in the vicinity.

According to the Strategic Plan (Rrencana Foreign Policy Implementation Strategy Indonesia) is the relationship between nations in all its aspects are made of a State which covers aspects of political, economic, social, cultural and defense in order to achieve the national goals of the nation.
International Relations is an activity of human interaction among nations either individually or in groups, legal experts say that international relations are relations between nations.
Indonesian nation is a national goal as embodied in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution, namely:
1. protect the entire Indonesian nation and the entire country of Indonesia
2. to promote social welfare
3. educating the nation
4. and for the establishment of world order based on freedom, lasting peace and social justice.