General elections held in a democratic and transparent, itt tech student  honest and fair, with a holding provision and direct voting, general, free and confidential, and held once every five years on holidays or days that were closed simultaneously throughout the territory of the unitary Republic of Indonesia.
Elections were held using proportional system based stelsel list to select members of the Assembly, House of Representatives, the House of Representatives Provincial area, and the House of Representatives at Regency / City, hereinafter referred to MPR, DPR, Provincial DPRD and Regency / City , except for members of DPR, Provincial DPRD and Regency / City of Indonesian National Army / Police of the Republic of Indonesia (TNI / police). Voting in the General Election is the right of every citizen eligible to vote.
Law No. 22 of 1999 on regional government has given huge authority to the Parliament which is the representative body of Regions society as a form of implementation of the democratic system in Indonesia. In addition, as stated in Law No. 4 of 1999 concerning the composition and position of the People's Consultative Majeliis, House of Representatives, Regional Representatives Council, as the representative body of the people in the region, Parliament fully implement the legislative function as the embodiment of popular sovereignty in the area, and mitrra parallel position as Local Government.